15/3 Season summary

A pretty strange season for Eric with seven missed World Cup competitions (five in a row).
In his 16 WC competitions he reached ten top 10 finishes, a very good result!
The best result was a 4th place in Lahti and Vikersund in the end of the season and of course the victory in the Team event in Schonach!
But a silver in the Team event in The World Championships in Liberec was probably the most valued result this season (8th place as best in the individual).
Last year Eric came 7th in the World Cup, this year - after a good finish - he finished 11. 

The results in the WC hill:

The results in the WC cross country:

Just wait til next year..........

Also a big congratulation to Anssi Koivuranta for the World Cup victory!

Thanks for this season, if you have any thoughts or ideas just write in the Guestbook or Contact me.

And Eric if you read this it would be fun to now what you think about the site and if you appreciate it!?

15/3 Vikersund 25th World Cup Competition

Erics last jump this seson measured 109,0m and gave a 14th place and some work to do in the ski race!

1. Christoph Bieler 0.00 (115,5m)
2. Taihei Kato +0.23 (114,0m)
3. Bernhard Gruber +0.24 (112,5m)

14. Eric Frenzel +0.53 (109,0m)

10km Cross Country Gundersen
A tight race, but with a pretty big win for Bill Demong in the last race of the season.
Once again Eric did a good job with the 10th fastest time and a total 10th place with 9,9 seconds to the top 5!

1. Bill Demong 0.00 (2nd fastest time)
2. Petter Tande +9,8
3. Mikko Kokslien
+10,3 (1)
10. Eric Frenzel +32,8 (10)

14/3 Vikersund 24th World Cup Competition

Eric showed that the jumpingform is continuing to be at top! Today it only was - as usual - Anssi Koivuranta who was outstanding.

1. Anssi Koivranta 0.00 (122,5m)
2. Christoph Bieler +0.46 (116,5m)
3. Havard Klemetsen +0.47 (116m)
4. Wilhelm Denifl +0.55 (115m)
5. Eric Frenzel +0.58 (114,5)

10km Cross Country Gundersen
The 5th place after the jumping became a 4th, after an another good performance from Eric. Today he was 2,9 seconds behind Moan on the 3rd place.
Anssi Koivuranta won with only 6,5 seconds, but is now 99 points ahead of Moan with only one competition left!
Also a very good race from Johannes Rydzek!

I've found the form in the jumping again and I don't have do think, it's only works! It's the cross country I have to work on.
It was a hard run today, the snow was very deep. It's a big tension and you had to be very concentrate so you don't fall.
Demong and Moan is racing in an own division!
Eric Frenzel


1. Anssi Koivuranta 0.00 (23rd fastest)
2. Bill Demong +6,5 (2)
3. Magnus Moan +13,2 (1)
4. Eric Frenzel +16,1
5. Jason Lamy Chappuis +19,1 (5)
7. Johannes Rydzek +37,6 (13)

Eric moves up one place in the World Cup and is now on the 11th place with only 35 points to top 10.
If you look at Erics last five WC Competitions he has finished: 8 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 4, very, very impressive!

Tomorrow it's the last World Cup Competition this season, keep your fingers crossed for a great finish for Eric, maybe with a podiumplace and maybe with a top 10 in the WC Standings!

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